e-commerce strategy - Why choosing WorkIT

Our solutions and our support are recognized by the biggest players in e-commerce, thanks to our international team of experts in pricing, market research, digital marketing, data matching, matching, data science and machine learning.

The biggest players opted for WorkIT for their e-commerce strategy

your e-commerce strategy - WorkIT by your side

WorkIT by your side

From the definition of your strategic needs to the implementation of your information flow, we accompany you to set up the standard or tailor-made solution and adapt it seamlessly to your activity. Our support team will help you get the most out of the numerous functions and features available in our solutions. Our consultants will help you to get the most out of the market information provided to you to maximize your business and your competitiveness.

your e-commerce strategy - the quality of WorkIT Software expertise

The quality of our expertise

Since its creation in 2006, WorkIT has evolved by aligning the best profiles with one sole ambition: Excellence. The excellence of the e-commerce information provided to you daily is thanks to our continuous technological research. The excellence of our support, in understanding the market trends, your challenges and your operational needs.  Our approach and our support are multidisciplinary, from doctors specialized in data science to market experts, providing you a complete experience.

your e-commerce strategy - WorkIT Software, Active Learning technology solutions

Active learning technology

As each decimal point of a price is a source of profit, the accuracy and the timeliness of the information provided are fundamental issues for your competitiveness.  The success of WorkIT is therefore based on the quality of the data provided to its customers, thanks to our resources and an unequalled scientific and technological approach which we call ACTIVE LEARNING.

In practical terms, Active Learning is a methodology of work resulting from Machine Learning, where the predictive models from our data scientists interact with the validations of data-sets and the quality controls of our 3 continental matching centers.  Almost 250 people around the world work every day to deliver the most accurate information to the biggest players in e-commerce, to give them maximum market knowledge and responsiveness.

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