Test d’Achat-Euroconsumers  Case Study

Test d’Achat-Euroconsumers Case Study


Euroconsumers, customer of WORKIT for several years, offers consumers in Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands, sites of information, advice and price comparison referring to the independent and objective data given by WORKIT Software.

Euroconsumers wished to expand its services to internet users by providing a plugin (or a browser extension), which will activate on the main e-commerce sites of different countries, in order to keep consumers more informed of the cheaper sites.


WORKIT  is already collecting daily data of prices, delivery costs and availability of the main products of consumer electronics, wine and DIY for Euroconsumers, on more than 500 e-commerce sites across Europe and South America.

For Euroconsummers, we have developed browser extensions compatible with Chrome and Firefox for each of the consumer sites which are available to be downloaded on the Chrome and Firefox Web Store.

Italy:  Lo trovo a meno ChromeLo trovo a meno Firefox
Portugal:  Melhor Escolha ChromeMelhor Escolha Firefox
Belgium NL:  Beste Prijs – Test Aankoop ChromeBeste Prijs – Test Aankoop Firefox
Belgium FR:  Meilleur Prix – Test AchatsMeilleur Prix – Test Achats

We also designed a web API, where browsers communicate in real time with the WORKIT database by identifying products viewed by users. With this API, the users could receive all the useful information to find the best deal for the desired product: list of retailers, prices, availability, delivery costs etc ..

The technologies, quality and speed of service are the result of the expertise of WorkIT Tracker.


When you visit an e-commerce site whose product sheet is available in its database, the plug-in will consult the WorkIT database in real time to check if there is not a cheaper offer on another website. If another site offers the same product at a cheaper rate for the consumer, the plugin will activate and offer to go to the site of Euroconsumers (eg Testachats) to see what is the cheaper website.

If the user clicks on the Testachats banner, he will be sent to the Euroconsumers website, for example www.test-achats.be for Belgium, to see which sites offers the product at a better price.


This solution is available for several European countries: Belgium, Portugal and Italy.

Télécharger et essayer le plugin

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Brief Introduction of Euroconsumers

Euroconsumers: Consumer Organization in Europe, previously known as Conseur – European Consumers, is a private independent corporation, based in Luxembourg, that works in BelgiumSpainPortugalItalyLuxembourg and Brazil.

The main objectives of Euroconsumers are to promote and defend consumer interests, solve their problems and help them exercise their fundamental rights (freedom of choiceaccess to informationeducation and justice, and right to health, safety and a healthy environment).