On April 4th and 5th WorkIT visited the TraFFic trade show. This is the second year that the show was organized at Carreau du Temple in Paris. TraFFic helps bring together brands/designers and companies working in domains such as Marketing, Tech and Human Resources. Its first aim is to help brands discover technologies and connect with companies that can help them grow and evolve. Its second aim is to facilitate an exchange between the different actors in order to facilitate business opportunities. Finally, its third goal is to promote fashion tech innovation.

We visited the show in order to gain further insights into what is new and innovative on the FashionTech scene. Not surprisingly, there was a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence, with a variety of companies proposing solutions that are capitalizing on these technologies. We were pleasantly surprised to see how the sector is becoming transformed by Machine Learning algorithms that are able to analyze millions of fashion images and descriptions in order to find similar products, predict trends or offer a more personalized on-line shopping experience. This is in line with our work at WorkIT, where we are using state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms to transform and advance pricing intelligence for fashion products. One thing is for sure – AI is here to stay, and its impact on the retail sector will only continue to grow and evolve.