The newest online service that enables brands and e-merchants to know their market and define their strategy, all in real-time!

WorkIT Software, a leader in smart data for e-commerce, will present a sneak preview of its newest service “WorkIT Insight”, during MedPi 2018 (from April 4th to 6th). In the ever-changing world of e-commerce, this new service meets the strategic responsiveness needs for brands and e-merchants. It enables them to understand their market and their customers in real time, and adjust their strategy in record time.

WorkIT Software is taking another bold step forward in its e-commerce information services, with the launch of “WorkIT Insight” and “WorkIT Insight for Tracker”: a unprecedented solution for analysis and decision-making. The goal is to provide the most accurate e-commerce monitoring and the most relevant analysis, to bring maximum responsiveness to its users.

By aggregating all the competitive data at a glance, WorkIT Insight calculates the key-indicators (prices, promotions, availability, customer reviews, popularity), and allows brands and retailers to refine their positioning with optimal responsiveness. The proposed dashboards range from the most general data to the most targeted, to easily identify any potentially abnormal situations, then explain them thanks to drill-down functions, change of analysis axis, or a combination of key-indicators, to propose courses of action.

“We are very excited to be launching this new service, which will provide a new competitive advantage to our customers, through the quality of its data and analysis”, commented Bernard Euverte, CEO of WorkIT Software. “Of course, we all know Grisham’s saying that “information is power”. Still today it is necessary to have the most up to date e-commerce information, to be able to understand all this information easily and … before the others. To act in the most accurate manner possible before others. This is the vocation of WorkIT Insight, which we will be presenting during the sneak preview at MedPi, and we will also launch from 09/04/2018, both as an autonomous strategic solution, and in integration to enrich our best-selling WorkIT Tracker solution”.

WorkIT Software will be present at MedPi 2018, stand T40, at the Porte de Versailles, from April 4 to 6 2018.


For more information:
Mr Richard Legendre
, Product Manager of WorkIT Software, is available to answer your questions and give further information, about the quality of the provided data including all the analysis abilities of WorkIT Insight.


Mob.: 06 22 30 25 24


About WorkIT Software

With over 180 customers in Europe, WorkIT Software is the leader of smart data for e-commerce. Thanks to its global database and catalog of e-commerce products, analytics, alerts and benchmark software solutions, WorkIT Software provides its valued customers, distributors and major brands, a 360 degree vision of their market, in real time.

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