Choosing WorkIT Software means connecting to the expertise of one of the world’s leading e-commerce information providers, in both the quality of the data and the support provided to you.

The range of WorkIT Software’s solutions enables brands and distributors to follow their competitors’ prices, to accurately define their price positioning, optimize their promotional campaigns, and find out about consumers opinions and ratings whether daily or historically.

Pricing solutions for brands…

, and enables you to develop your business strategy by answering your everyday questions such as:

• Which websites are referencing my products?
• Who drives the market down on my key references and when?
• How much do my competitors charge for products with equivalent technical properties?
• Is my selective distribution strategy well respected?
• Which of my products are out-of-stock on the web?
• How do I launch my new range?
• How does my product structure compare to my competitors?
• How do my clients rate each of my distributors?
• How do my clients rate my competitors?

For your strategic analysis needs, our global database historizes your data but also allows you to understand the broader market trends including those of your competitors:

• Prepare for a key period: Christmas, Black Friday, Back to school etc.,
• Analyze the commercial aggressiveness of your competitors,
• Assess your price positioning of a brand vs your competitors,
• Develop reports for the higher management,
• Compare market data at a pan-European level.

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